Sports have always been a constant for me – a passion, a teacher and a metaphor for how to approach life. At age 2, I wrapped my arms around the preschool dance teacher’s legs and begged her to let me attend lessons with the 4-year-old class, exclaiming, “I just want to dance!” The rest of my life has pretty much followed suit.

As a ranked junior player, I attended Bollettieri/IMG Academies for tennis and after, played Division I tennis at Davidson College. After college, I began racing triathlon and have since competed on eight world championship teams as an amateur, have achieved All-World Status in Ironman racing and have won numerous local races overall. Proper nutrition is one of the most important components of being a successful athlete.

I stumbled with my nutrition in high school and during my first two years of college. I realized that I had to change my fueling strategy to accomplish my goals, so I began working with a sports nutritionist, read books and worked hard to improve my nutrition habits and approach. As I transitioned to endurance sports post-college, I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about correct fueling including how to lose weight effectively as an athlete, metabolic efficiency training, and proper race day nutrition for each type of race distance and discipline.

I hope to help other athletes improve their nutrition knowledge, habits and practices so that they can not only achieve their performance goals, but can also lead healthy lives if they choose not to compete at any point in their lives. Aspen is a town full of athletes, many of whom I have connected with during 13 years living in the community. I am excited to work with these athletes and others to help them achieve their goals.

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