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Thank you for your interest in Elliott Performance & Nutrition. We hope to get the chance to talk to you about your goals and how we might be able to help. We enjoy working with a variety of clients including but not limited to individuals looking to improve health outcomes, recreational and elite athletes, professionals, students and organizations. Please take a moment to read below about past clients’ experiences with Elliott Performance & Nutrition. 

Working with Elliott Performance and Nutrition has been a game changer. In a short amount of time, Katie has provided me with the tools I need to make small, sustainable changes that maximize my health and my athletic goals. Katie has helped me take the guesswork out of my nutrition and endurance fueling needs so that I am able to make informed decisions based on factual data and what my body actually needs. Her methodology has been easy to implement and efficient. Moreover, Katie has supported me through every step of the journey and that has made all the difference.
— Lara H.
I originally planned to work with Katie to make changes in my diet for heart health. Katie took a holistic approach and helped me start making changes in diet and exercise that worked realistically with my schedule. She provided the right amount of information, guidance, follow-up and feedback. My favorite thing about the interaction was that Katie helped me see that my diet and exercise weren’t all or nothing, and I wasn’t either on the wagon or off the wagon. She helped me find sustainable balance and gave me the tools I needed to make good (but not all perfect) decisions every day.
— Jamie B.

That fact that Katie is incredibly knowledgeable about all elements of nutrition, goes without saying. However, what makes Katie spectacular as a nutritionist is that she knows how to connect with people. She wasn’t preachy and she defused the innate embarrassment I felt about ignoring my nutritional needs for so long. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and guidance she provided.
— Nim H.
Katie Elliott helped me tremendously at St. Anthony North Health Campus with our Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact. Katie contributed useful ideas, provided education to staff, completed nutritional data and was vital in our Platinum (highest recognition) Award. Katie is efficient, knowledgeable and dependable. I found Katie’s attitude to be refreshing and her experience to be invaluable. I would highly recommend Katie to people in need of a Registered Dietitian.
— Angela M.