Mature Market Consumers

For the past six years I have worked for SB&A, a marketing, advertising and consumer research firm serving the senior living industry. During my time at SB&A, I fell in love with the mature market consumer and developed the desire to help that group live longer, better. At SB&A, we help seniors connect with Continuing Care Retirement Communities through sales, marketing and research efforts. I love this work as I know that when a senior moves into one of the communities we work with, his or her heart, dreams, health and family relationships will be better.

The bottom line is that most seniors have worked hard their whole lives and they deserve to enjoy their retirement. And they can better enjoy their retirement if they move more and eat well.  That was the beginning of my passion for wellness programs and nutrition initiatives targeting mature consumers.  With my marketing background, I started thinking about how to entice these consumers to do what’s best for them – how to make fitness and nutrition attractive and desirable.  

It is my sincere belief that my most influential work will center around helping a growing generation of older people to have a better quality of life. SB&A has found that the clients we serve (CCRC administrators) are keenly interested in creating wellness programs for their communities. Most of the administrators we talk to hope to brand specific programs so that residents feel more motivated to do what they can to stay healthier longer, and also so that prospective residents view CCRCs as environments that encourage healthy longevity.

I would like to work with individual seniors and their families, both in private practice and as a consultant to CCRCs.