My mom laughs about repurposing my childhood room and finding literally hundreds of note cards with written study terms, goals and objectives. This is a good metaphor for the way I have navigated my life. Simply stated, I have always been goal-oriented and focused. Several years ago, I knew that I wanted to combine my love of sports, fitness, wellness, senior living, marketing and nutrition into a meaningful career.

My ultimate goal is to be one of the foremost experts in nutrition and wellness. My specific areas of interest include: sports nutrition, nutrition for individuals with gastrointestinal disorders, gerontological nutrition and corporate/organizational wellness. In addition to owning a private practice, I hope to work as a consultant and educator to organizations looking to implement wellness initiatives. Overall, I hope to help others live healthier, happier lives. In the immediate future, I am eager to study for and pass the RD exam and begin what is sure to be an exciting career. 

Photo provided by Megan Harvey Bourke