Fueling for Performance

Optimizing nutrition is key to optimizing performance. At Elliott Performance & Nutrition, we work with athletes to develop strategies that support training load and take into consideration both overall health and sport goals. Services include the following:


Nutrition Counseling for Athletes

Elliott Performance & Nutrition works with athletes participating in a wide range of sports. Working capacities include: helping athletes to identify and achieve body composition goals, developing periodized fueling plans, nutrition for injured athletes, problem solving for athletes with GI issues, helping athletes achieve a healthy relationship with food and more.


Race Fueling Plans

A carefully planned, practiced and executed fueling strategy is key to capitalizing on months of training come race day. Katie works with each athlete over a period of time to develop an individualized race day fueling plan that takes into consideration individual physiology, GI tolerance, taste preferences, sweat rate, race environment and more.



Katie enjoys working with athletic teams in a variety of different sports and settings. Services for sports teams include travel meal plans, customized presentations and more. Elliott Performance & Nutrition also consults with coaches who are looking to foster healthy food environments and optimize athlete performance.


Performance Testing


In collaboration with Achieve Health & Performance in Basalt, Colorado, Elliott Performance & Nutrition offers a wide range of metabolic and exercise testing. Testing services include: Sweat Concentration testing, VO2 Max testing, Sub-Max testing, Resting Metabolic Rate testing, sweat rate testing and body composition analysis. Sweat Concentration testing is done with accurate, medical grade technology (Pilocarpine Iontophoresis). Exercise testing is performed using a state-of-the-art metabolic cart and body composition analysis is done using professional-grade bioelectrical impedance equipment. The tests we offer provide valuable information for athletes including: accurate training zones, accurate assessment of baseline calorie needs to optimize weight loss, determination of hydration and sodium needs per hour as well as an understanding of percent body fat and percent lean mass. All testing is done at Achieve Health & Performance and includes a report of findings. Sweat Concentration testing can also be done in remote locations by appointment.